Small Bathroom Lighting


Poorly placed lighting in bathrooms can cast a sickly pallor over the occupant who is looking in the mirror. Since nearly everyone sees themselves in the mirror when they wash their hands, it’s crucial to have well-planned lighting in the small bathroom. 

Great lighting can be accomplished via the use of side lighting for mirrors. Lights mounted on either side of the mirror is regarded as task lighting. A poor-quality substitute can be had by putting at least two feet of lightbulbs across the top of the mirror. However, task lighting along the sides achieves a much more desirable result.

In addition to the task lighting around the mirrors, a small bathroom should be equipped with ambient lighting--overhead lights in the form of a fixture, recessed or chandelier to provide another overlay of illumination. Added lighting will help portray a more accurate reflection in the mirror, as well.

Sadly enough, builders often forsake lighting--both natural and artificial--in the smaller bath. The net result is that occupants see a sallow, dark, and a rather unpleasant version of themselves when they look in the mirror. Another unfortunate side effect of reduced quality lighting occurs when the homeowner decides to sell the house. Since the smallest bathroom is often the one in the common area which is used by guests, it’s the first bathroom prospective buyers see, and it’s unhelpful if they’re struck by their haggard appearance rather than the stylish tile or lovely fixtures.

Phoenix real estate broker James Red of the Winston Group acknowledges that a seller shouldn't underestimate a prospective buyer’s first impression. Lighting is a critical feature which can work to the advantage of a seller to nudge a sale, which is why a realtor typically will turn on every light in the house and open all of the blinds during a showing. 


To further define the impact of quality lighting in a small bathroom, it’s helpful to consider the side-and-ambient fixtures favored by movie star dressing rooms and hair salons. These bright, well-overlaid places provide an excellent example of how purposeful, well-planned lighting mixes can offer an accurate portrayal of a subject in the mirror. Regardless of how long a family lives in the home, quality, layered lighting in the small bathroom will always benefit a small bathroom and make the room welcoming and pleasant.

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