Rocking a Quartz Countertop


While granite still commands the lion’s share of the stone countertop market, if a homeowner wants another, higher-end option which offers sumptuous luxury, they may choose quartz. For some homeowners, quartz is king and that isn't changing anytime soon. Here’s why:

Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed

Quartz is a non-porous stone, which makes it fiercely stain-resistant. That means it never needs to be sealed. The bottom line is that this is as maintenance-free a counter as a homeowner can get. For some people, this factor alone is a huge selling point if they don’t want to worry about upkeep.

Quartz comes in many colors

Quartz countertops are manufactured using granite (93%) and resin (7%), which means it comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes, 
We deal with several different quartz manufacturers to ensure that our customers get the exact look they want.


Quartz has many looks

Quartz can be a dark, light, or solid neutral color, but can also be granulated in either light or dark hues.  Light- and dark-veined quartz is also available in many colors, giving the consumer a vast array of choices.

Also, quartz comes in different textures: polished, suede or volcano, so the customer can choose the way the counter feels and reflects light.

High customer satisfaction rate

Quartz has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates of any counter material on the market. Homeowners invariably love the product, which not only enhances their daily life but also raises the value of their home. 

The bad news

Sunlight affects the color. The UV rays will discolor a counter which is exposed to direct sunlight, even if it’s through a window, 

Quartz is also denser than granite, which means it has to be installed by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Quartz installation isn’t a job for a highly-skilled DIYer or even an inexperienced contractor.

Quartz countertops have a luxury price tag. In rare instances, quartz will end up being cheaper than granite, but not often. A homeowner should be prepared to pay for the beauty and ‘forever’ nature of a quartz countertop. 

Is the extra price tag worth it?

We liken the person who doesn’t want to pay a few extra dollars to get the counter they want to a guy who buys a new car but decides to save money by not putting in a stereo system. In the short term, keeping a couple of bucks won’t be worth missing out on the added enjoyment the homeowner will receive every day from purchasing a product of beauty, durability, and value.

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