Reasons for a Room Addition

Let’s talk about room additions. A room addition isn’t like an under-the-roof remodel. An addition creates a whole new dimension to your home. Unless you build up, it’s going to claim a portion of your property. A room addition which is well built will look like it was part of the original home. A poor design will look tacked on and could end up becoming an albatross. But, a well planned and built addition will add space, value, and comfort to a home. Here are some of the possibilities when putting an additional room on your house.

A room addition should never look like a tit was tacked on as an afterthought.

A room addition should never look like a tit was tacked on as an afterthought.

To expand

Sometimes, a family expands and needs the size of their home also to grow, but they don’t want to move. Wanting extra space is the single most significant reason homeowners decide to add a room onto their home.

To add more functional space

Home layout is has changed dramatically over the years. While families with young children love a great room layout, it can become cumbersome when someone needs some quiet, or maybe it’s an older home with tiny rooms and nowhere that the family can all gather comfortably and enjoy one another. So, while a current home may have enough space, having the type of area which works for a particular family need may call for an addition.

To add value

One would think that a more substantial home would command a better price, but that isn’t exactly how the real estate market works. The median home price is generally what a homeowner should aim for when adding onto a house. Home value is calculated by price per square foot. So, if your home is already in the middle, the return on your investment won’t be high. On the other hand, if you have the smallest house in the neighborhood, you have quite a bit of room to work with and can calculate the amount of space you can add and expect to get a recent rate of return when you sell.


A family may need more space but don’t want to leave that home, neighborhood, or school district. For that situation, the rate of return on their investment isn’t as crucial as the comfort they’ll enjoy as the result of much-needed space. If it’s their forever home, they aren’t focusing on the sale value as an ultimate goal.

An addition should be as well built as the rest of the home.

An addition should be as well built as the rest of the home.

Professional contractor

In the process of a home remodel, find the best contractor you can afford, check out their ratings and reviews, and make sure that they’re licensed for the job you want. There are many factors which can affect the outcome when building a room addition, so a homeowner will want a builder who inspires confidence during every step of the project. In the end, a well-built, thoughtfully planned room addition will bring both comfort and value to the home.

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