Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Labor Day weekend is coming soon, and that reminds us of all the great barbecues we can still have in our backyard this summer.  Barbecues mean outdoor cooking, and contractors are definitely seeing outdoor kitchen spaces as a significant trend. Whether a homeowner decides to go with a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen or stick to the basics when remodeling their patio, there are some great options for outdoor kitchens with terrific appliances which can make an outdoor party easy.


Natural gas barbecue

Hands down, the most enjoyable and controlled way to cook on a barbecue is with a gas grill. Labor Day is coming up, which means you can upgrade the outdoor patio with a high-quality outdoor gas barbecue grill.  Natural gas is best if the home is equipped with it. A gas barbecue is an excellent way to cook those steaks and burgers to perfection. There is no wood or charcoal mess so clean up in a breeze. For those who opt to have only one outdoor upgrade installed, the barbecue grill wins every time. (With or without the rotisserie.)

Natural gas pizza oven

Pizza is a top-seller at neighborhood barbecues, and a pizza oven can also do double-time and bake things like potatoes, bread, cakes, and cookies. The versatility of a pizza oven is legion, and the homeowner can cook all summer without bringing the heat into the house. Here are a few more options for an amazing outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor refrigerator

A homeowner can load up a cooler for an outdoor event, but that leaves a wet mess wherever the cooler is stationed. An outdoor fridge will not only be handy for planned barbecues but is also ideal for those who don’t want to slosh through the house in a wet bathing suit to get a cold drink after an impromptu swim. Outdoor refrigerators can be mounted in a wood construction base, but are optimally located in an outdoor kitchen, a must-have for a family who spends a lot of quality time outdoors.

Outdoor sink

An outdoor sink is surprisingly handy, not only for the cooking phase but also for the cleanup phase of a barbecue. Having water on hand to add to recipes is a high-grade solution to running back in the house, dragging water outside everytime you cook, or using the water from the hose.

Other appliances

There are many other appliances which can meet various needs of outdoor entertainment. Whether a homeowner opts for a cooktop, an ice maker, freezer, or wine cooler, everyone can find something for an outdoor kitchen which suits their particular needs and lifestyle.

Since we live in one of the most fabulous places for outdoor barbecues and fun, don’t be shy about creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams: with misters and heaters, it's something you can enjoy for most of the year here in the Valley.

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