Kitchen Remodeling, an Overview

Depending on the level of ambition and resources of the homeowner, a contractor can offer an array of choices for a remodel. Some homeowners opt for a major overhaul, plotting changes around the whole house at the same time. But for many, a remodel room-by-room is the better option.
Things get tricky with kitchen remodeling. With electrical and plumbing to take into account, typically the romantic idea of the “perfect kitchen” doesn’t touch on the more important components to getting the job done.
Not only is planning complicated when looking past the shiny new appliances, but the cost can be a huge consideration. And what about being kitchenless for spans of time? Homeowners in the middle of their remodel often end up eating out a lot or cooking somewhere else in the home.  No one wants these inconveniences to last long.
Balancing resale value with personal preferences is important.

Whether a homeowner is thinking about moving, or just the eventuality that the house will be sold someday, the kitchen is an essential component of the resale value. However, even when gutting a house to put it on the market right away, it’s important not to undervalue personal preferences. Plans can be mapped out with resale in mind, but never with greater weight than the updates or features that make those living in the space happiest.
Gutting the entire space has many benefits.

A home’s kitchen is an area of congregation, where daily meals are composed. The kitchen is no stranger to smoke and grease, and some of the largest and most expensive home appliances live along its walls. When the kitchen is ready for a remodel, the contractor's  goal is to get the job done right from the start.
Good planning facilitates a maximal return on this investment.

By gutting the kitchen and starting from scratch, the electrical and the plumbing can be inspected, and the space reworked from the ground up. When done thoroughly and done right, a good remodel is the only remodel.

In pre-planning on part of the homeowner, an internet search can yield some interesting ideas.

The contractor will plan around the client’s priorities. Someone who is a fan of counter space will have different priorities than a family wanting a more social layout, where others can sit in while they cook. The way a client uses the kitchen informs the plan for the remodel that never has to be re-done.

Sometimes the question isn’t how to use existing space, but how to make more space. For those who aren’t keen on getting city permits to build out (or budgeting for new foundations and framing), a kitchen can be designed more efficiently after gutting, especially with space-saving solutions available today. There are inherently more options when starting from zero.


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