Make a Big Splash with a Backsplash

When homeowners fell out of love with plastic laminate and fell in love with stone and tile, the cost of kitchen remodeling became a more significant factor. But, our love for all things beautiful prevails, so, the question is, how can a homeowner make the biggest possible impact in their kitchen in an economical way?

Create an amazing backsplash as the focal point of your kitchen


Using a backsplash as the focal point of your kitchen has some great advantages. First, it’s a limited amount of space, which means it can be really elegant without a huge capital outlay. In addition, the backsplash is near to eye level, which means the eye will naturally gravitate toward it because it’s in plain sight from almost every angle of the room. Low voltage lighting can highlight the accent designs of a backsplash, and balanced with bullnose edges on all the walls, tiles, niches, and ledges. 

Compounded options

There is an endless array of colors, patterns, and types of stone a homeowner has to choose from when creating a backsplash. A backsplash can be created in such a manner that it will tie in all the colors of the room, from the cabinets to the floors to the counter and even the wall color. A backsplash can create a minimalist effect, a French country kitchen effect, or an Asian theme. In addition, some of the softer stone or luxurious tiles can be utilized, because it won’t have to take the beating a countertop does. 


Before or after cabinets

If you have the opportunity to install the splash before the cabinets, you have much more precision and control over the design. However, a great contractor can make use of an existing space and create a stunning design even without the additional element of control.
The other thing of major concern is the placement of outlets and switchplates. Unfortunately, because we need and want a tremendous number of outlets, and because those outlets must follow building code regulations, the home contractor is usually the one who decides where the switchplates and outlets go. But, the sheer abundance of these can really interfere with a more elaborate backsplash design, so placement of those has to be taken into consideration when deciding where to go big on the backsplash design.


Having a backsplash as the focal point of your kitchen makes a lot of sense, both aesthetically and economically, too. Remodeling a kitchen with an added backsplash can turn a kitchen from ordinary into stunning. If you decide you’d like to pursue this idea further as part of a kitchen remodeling project, give us a call. 

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