Shaping the Details of a Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Our goal is for a kitchen remodel to suit the homeowner's needs while adding substantially to the resale value of the home.

Our goal is for a kitchen remodel to suit the homeowner's needs while adding substantially to the resale value of the home.

In the process of shaping the details of a kitchen remodel, several factors need to be taken into consideration in order to make the kitchen well-suited to the family.

1. Prioritize kitchen fixtures that get the most use and abuse.

A good kitchen remodel will bring a high ROI in resale, but only if its fixtures demonstrate longevity—especially when remodeling without plans to move right away.
It's important to invest in quality flooring and cabinets, door fixtures and faucets. The surfaces and features that are hardest to clean or have the greatest exposure to cooking residues need to be the most durable.
Owners are encouraged to spend some time going through product reviews, especially once sold on the way a product looks. Contractors offer valuable insights, too—professional, hands-on experience with brands and materials can be invaluable in making these decisions.
2) The easiest way to save on a remodel is to economize on ranges and fridges.
Unless one of these makes or breaks a dream kitchen, ranges and refrigerators are the easiest fixtures to upgrade or replace at a later time. Cabinets and countertops merit better budgets from a “bigger picture” point of view. Plans should put bigger funds on the more permanent fixtures.
3) Shopping for countertops by material can be overwhelming—from granite and quartz to zinc and copper, there are many options to consider.

There are many countertop options to consider, but ultimately the choice can be straightforward. Materials can be ruled out using these questions:
• Is the priority durability, look, or cost?
• How simple should the surface be to clean?
• How heat resistant does the surface to be?
• Is it a deal breaker to have to seal and re-seal over time?
These questions decide what surfaces are on the table. Especially when considering heat resistance and cleaning, the countertop will be a defining part of kitchen use. Picking out counters for day-to-day functionality instead of looks—even when materials start to get more expensive—will be the best investment in a successful remodel.
4) The most forgotten feature in planning a kitchen remodel is ventilation.
Whether or not ventilation is the first thing that comes to mind, proper air movement in a kitchen is important—and an essential part of planning a remodel. As delicious as the smell cooking food can be, the grease and smoke that accumulate over time will become more than just a cleaning problem.
If there isn’t space (or funds in the budget) for a ventilation hood over the stove, there are other solutions to make sure air is moving through the kitchen when it counts. Window fans—even in adjacent rooms with airflow to the kitchen—can be effective as well.
Living without a kitchen during remodeling will be tough. The budgeting will also stressful, and the actual spending even more so.
But looking at a remodel pragmatically, this is an important change that will affect a homeowner’s daily grind in a big way.
Not only does getting excited help homeowner’s through a remodel, but dreams and excitement help to shape the plan. With a client’s enthusiasm plus contractor expertise, the perfect kitchen remodel is a plan away.

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