Choosing Tile Designs for Bathroom Walls

Soft colors create a soothing harmony.

Soft colors create a soothing harmony.

Bathroom tile designs have become a new territory for high-end models, which homeowners and commercial clients alike are embracing with a relish. Gone are the days when the family bathroom walls had the same 4” square tiles featured down at the local gas station restroom. New trends in bathroom wall tiles encompass everything from retro to marble stone and can give even the smallest bathroom a luxurious feeling.

Remodelling a bathroom

Before choosing bathroom tile, it’s important to consider the feeling the tile should convey, the amount of cleaning involved, and the structure of the bathroom, itself. There are several things which will impact the size and style of tile for the bathroom. 


The soft tone of lighter colors in neutral shades create an openness and a soothing harmony. Pale greens and tans offer tranquility. Soft blue gives a room an airy feel. Homeowners who wish to create the bathroom which looks bigger and has the feeling of a place of refuge will use lighter, neutral hues. 

Darker shades create drama. Notice how the small tiles lend themselves to the curve?

Darker shades create drama. Notice how the small tiles lend themselves to the curve?

Darker shades project a more dramatic tone. They can make a bold decorating statement, or offer a cozy, intimate feeling, depending on the size of the room and other decorating elements.

Clean, structured lines of tile convey a sense of order. As a contrast, variegated patterns offer a custom look, but be careful: too much variegation in a small bathroom make it look ‘busy.'


If cleaning is not high on the priority list for the homeowner, oversized or larger tiles require less cleaning because less grout means fewer places to attract dirt and mold. Spaces with smaller tiles have more grout, which adds cleaning time, even though the products available to use are more extensive than those suitable for stone tile.

Interesting elements

Patterns such as ribbons and framed of linear tiles create a picture or framing around bathroom elements, which break up spaces into more interesting spaces. These additions add visual appeal to an otherwise dull area. 

Another eye-pleasing element is the use of colored grout. Colored grout creates unexpected dimension to any tile project. Landscapers have been adding dye to grout between bricks and pavers for years, so this old trick with a new twist for the home in an unexpected pleasure.

Instead of shelves and hanging racks, the new trend is niches built into the tile. Niches in tile walls create storage space and add depth and interest to flat walls. 

Curved walls

Curved walls require small tiles with a mesh sheet to ensure that 95% of the tile surface will adhere to the wall. A curve creates a smooth and organic flow in the architecture, making it the perfect palette for mosaic tiles to dazzle. 

Next time, we'll explore various tile materials, their uses and drawbacks.

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