Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Sometimes, you can get a discount on discontinued materials.

Sometimes, you can get a discount on discontinued materials.

One of the places you can look to if you go ‘looking for trouble’ in the home renovation department is the bathroom. A homeowner will notice the bathroom paint looks tired, and maybe a few tiles are cracked, or the tile needs regrouting. Oh, and the sink faucet leaks just the tiniest bit.

While you’re thinking of things you’d like to change, doing a few repairs have advanced to remodeling your whole bathroom. But, before you rush down to the home center store to get ideas, a wise course of action is to sit down and make a complete list of what you want to be done.
When you analyze the cost of a bathroom remodels over some quality upgrades, you may be able to stretch your dollars to make a meaningful change in your bathroom without a complete remodel.


So, if your bathroom plumbing isn’t leaking behind the wall, look around for some bathroom ideas and consider your lifestyle and comfort needs. An older person, for example, may want a no-threshold shower or a bench installed. Safety bars are always nice, too. 
Some of the things we see on homeowner’s wish lists:


Small luxuries

Radiant heat flooring, towel warmers, thermostatic shower valves, humidity sensing fan switches, and even Epoxy grout because it doesn’t mold as fast. Handheld shower heads, not because they’re elegant, but because they make a shower easier to clean.

Great lighting

Great lighting can be anything from dimmer switches, motion detectors (people with small kids love these for the energy savings), and side lighting for mirrors since that is the only way to get a ‘true’ reflection. Task lighting and ambient lighting are also high on the list because overlaying lighting make a bathroom (and the occupant) look great.

Details, details. They make all the difference.

Details, details. They make all the difference.


Don’t forget, that humidity sensing fan switch is going to give your wallpaper a lifespan boost. The 2017 interior design gurus tell us that clean lines and geometric patterns are all the rage right now, like this neo-traditional blue pattern offset by gold fixtures and hardware.

Decorative details

Beadboard, chair rails, 4” baseboard are all things that can transform your bathroom from dull to distinctive.

As you can see, the costs mount up quickly. But, at the same time, you can get a lot of value for your money if you have an experienced contractor and choose wisely before you start a renovation project.

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