A Garage Conversion

Garage renovation can be an elaborate and exciting project with life-changing results. With both attached and detached garages, remodels typically aim to convert the space to a living area or add greater storage with necessary updates.

Detached garages are converted into dens or guesthouses, while attached garages can become an addition to the home itself. In updating garages to deluxe storage, the end result repurposes interior spaces, too. Large amounts of storage previously kept in the home end up in the updated garage, and the chance to remodel opens to other parts of the house. The remodel of a garage into a living space has seemingly limitless possibilities, though depend largely on the investment the homeowner is prepared to make.

The remodel or conversion of a garage will carry over in some way to the remainder of the house. Some conversions of an attached garage are also done with the construction of an exterior garage to replace it. Renovations will be largely contingent on whether the garage is attached or detached, particularly when it comes to adding wiring or gas.

Attached vs. detached garages:

An attached garage is a more practical space to convert into a living area. With additional insulation and wiring, the possibilities are endless. Even the smallest attached garage is large enough that, as a livable space, its potential is greater than many traditional additions.

Detached garages are sometimes more expensive to remodel, particularly for anything other than increased storage and updates. Converting a detached garage to a guesthouse or work area is doable with adequate planning and a realistic budget. In all cases, contractors advise homeowners and help identify priorities, and look at realistic timelines.

Remodeling a garage almost always requires a permit, which the contractor manages once a plan is in place. In planning, garage conversion ideas always start with identifying the desired purpose.

Garage remodels for workspaces and more storage:

Garage renovations focused on updating the space and increasing storage are often projects in detached garages. New doors and windows are typically installed, particularly in older garages where existing windows are fixed and single-pane.

Heating can be added to a garage, especially if a homeowner wishes to store materials that suffer damage in the cold. Adding heating to a garage can be one of the more expensive updates, but also allows for much greater functionality of the space. If a homeowner has a workshop hobby, adding heating to the garage enables work to be done outside of the main home. Weather stripping on doors is also added to increase comfort.


The more time a homeowner plans to spend in the garage in any capacity, the greater the argument to place drywall and finish out the space. Permanent shelving can be installed, changing the storage capacity considerably. Finishing a garage also adds substantially to the value of the home. Before placing drywall, a contractor will do a thorough examination of the walls to see what structural fixes or updates need to be made.

With a garage remodeled into a more secure storage space, a homeowner can also use the space to store hazardous materials like fuels or paints. An important final step is updating doors to the most fire-resistant options available.

Garage spaces updated but not converted into a full living space open many possibilities for the homeowner. Storage capacity can be substantially increased, and the space can be more comfortable for workshopping. Permanent shelving and fixtures can up resale and better organize belongings.

Heating, drywall and updated insulation make the space more comfortable, and allow for the safe storage of hazardous materials. The space feels more protected and private. With partial finishes, the space can even double as a bar or den, making the most of the charm for its rustic look and feel.

Garage remodel into an additional living space:

Remodeling a garage into a living space is almost always a project for attached garages. Adding the necessary electric wiring and gas to a detached garage is more expensive than building extensions of these utilities to an attached garage. Nonetheless, adding new outlets, insulation and updates is a big undertaking for even the smallest of attached garages.

Although detached garage renovations might call to mind the dream of a guesthouse, an attached garage space can be more easily turned into a guest room. Updates to windows and doors are particularly important for privacy in these cases.

Most attached garages are unfinished, which means building out walls and installing drywall will be a key to-do in converting the space to a livable area. The contractor will assess whether the interior walls have the necessary studs to install drywall, and will adjust timelines accordingly.

Once drywall is placed, paint or wallpaper can be applied, typically to blend in with the rest of the house. One of the greater challenges in remodeling a garage into a livable space is making it look and feel less like a garage. Fixtures are typically installed to add utility to the room.

Adding flooring is often the final touch to renovate a garage to a livable space. If adequate insulation has been installed, virtually any flooring material should be an option. Homeowners will narrow selections down based on the risk of moisture in the space, and on desired purpose.

Once converted into a living space, a garage can be used for just about anything. As a naturally large, open room, dens and playrooms are popular renovations, as well as home movie theaters.

Final touches:

No matter the purpose, remodeling the garage is an opportunity to install fixtures and additional storage. And with a greater investment in the space, security takes a front seat when updating doors and windows, especially if the room has been fully converted into a livable area with appliances and other valuables.

Remodeling a garage will have a high ROI when the time comes to sell, and will also have implications on property taxes and insurance. Working with the contractor from the start helps guide the project from idea to plan to success, managing all the details in between.

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