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At Arizona Certified Remodeling, we believe in quality construction and remodeling at an honest price. This is what we do, and we have a great deal of pride in the craftsmanship of our newly built homes and remodeling jobs.

Local licensed residential General Contractor

When you work with Arizona Certified Remodeling, you will always deal directly with the contractor. We are licensed and bonded through the State of Arizona at the Registrar of Contractors, We have over 30 years experience in the Valley and are natives to Arizona. We provide quality work at a reasonable price. Call us first to get started on your project!

New home builds and remodeling services for all of Phoenix

Whether your project is a new home or remodeling an exisiting home, we will take you from the design stage, to plans, to permits and building your project all the way to completion. Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

New Custom Homes

Reviews of our projects

The customer's opinion is always important to us. Word of mouth and online reviews give our potential clients the opportunity to discover others who were happy with our work. If a client is unhappy, it's critically important for us to know that so we can make it right. Our customers have been the driving business which has grown our business from scratch. Keeping them happy is paramount.

 Experienced Licensed Contractors

By putting your remodeling job or new home build into the hands of an experienced professional, you're assured of top-notch results. Thirty years in the Valley has given us a unique perspective on our customers' current needs and the future marketability of a well-executed job. When in doubt, go with the best, most experienced contractor you can afford, and you'll never be disappointed.

 Licensed, insured and bonded

At Arizona Certified Remodeling,we are licensed and bonded through the State of Arizona at the Registrar of Contractors. These are safeguards which mean you can trust that we will make good on our promises, that all work will be up to code, and finished in a timely manner. 

Complete Home Remodeling


Kitchen Remodeling

As the place where a family congregates, the kitchen is the area of a home where a remodel will make the most impact. We understand this and know that making a kitchen which serves the unique needs of your family and loved ones is of the utmost priority.


Bathroom Remodeling

Of all the rooms in the house which have undergone a change in perception, the most striking difference has been in how homeowners view the bathroom. The bathroom has ceased to be a place where function is the sole priority and has been transformed into a place where comfort and relaxation are paramount.



GFCI's, AFCI's, and the heavy use of sensitive electronics have changed the face of electrical usage. You can depend on us to provide your adequately with safe and convenient power options for your family's electrical needs.


Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be made to maximize both cooling and heating dollars. With modern styles and Smart options, the selection of ceiling fans have expanded tremendously.


Guest Houses & Mother-In-Law Suites


Complete guest homes add privacy and capacity to your home

More families are opting for guest spaces, not only for additional income, but also to provide an beautiful and private living space for visiting family and friends.


Mother-in-law quarters that are comfortable and practical

As people are living longer, healthier lives, families are much less willing to give up their elderly to retirement homes as they once were. In addition, young people are staying closer to home. We create spaces for family members which respects the privacy of all, but still allows family members to remain close.

Home Additions


Full custom home additions

During a changing housing market, more families are realizing the value of their current location and modifying it to meet their growing needs for space rather than face the cost and inconvenience of a move.

As more jobs become home-based, it has become advantageous to create a workspace as an addition to the family home. 


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